Neve Campbell negotiates to have a hard time again in Scream 5

The Scream franchise would not be the same without Neve Campbell, the actress who would be currently in full negotiations to return to this famous horror saga for the production of Scream 5.

During the Castle in the Ground promotion, the actress confirmed to Rotten Tomatoes that she is currently trying to return to Scream to regain her role as Sidney Prescott.

"We are having some conversations. I have contacted them. The timing is a bit complicated for COVID. You know, we started talking about it about a month and a half ago, so it will take some time to know how to make it work. We are negotiating, so we'll see. "
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The film is in the hands of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the two people behind Wedding Night and filmmakers in which the actress has high hopes, as stated.

"The two directors wrote me a moving letter about Wes Craven and how he was a great inspiration to them and how they want to pay tribute to him, which means a lot, a lot to me. So we'll see. Hopefully, we can have a face-to-face discussion about the project to move it forward. "

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Campbell went on to state that he loves Sidney Prescott and that he is very grateful for being part of these films. "It's always fun for me to put myself in his shoes again and meet with the cast again to make another movie and try to make it good."

Not much more is known about the film because, in fact, it is not entirely clear if we are facing a sequel as such, or if the franchise is going to be restarted in any way, these are details that we must still wait to know.

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