James Cameron shows filming underwater scenes in Avatar 2

The shooting of Avatar 2 may be as paralyzed as that of the rest of Hollywood productions, but James Cameron and his team have enough material in the cameras to occasionally show some other secret on social networks.

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A new post shows how the underwater scenes of the film are shot. It highlights a trick already known by those most interested in the Cameron cinema, which is the use of floating balls that prevent light from interfering with the environment that you want to achieve in a certain underwater scene. They are left floating on the surface and allow actors to get out of the water comfortably.

The official Avatar account on Twitter answers some questions from followers related to these images. When a user asked why an opaque surface is not used, it was explained that it is to allow the equipment to return to the surface safely when necessary.

Cameron is known for wanting to revolutionize the world of cinema as much as possible by using new technologies and infrequent techniques, one of the reasons why the most cinephile viewers cannot wait to see the multiple sequels of Avatar that are underway.

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