This is how Red Skull would return to the MCU after the events of Avengers: Endgame

It is not the first time that Ross Marquand, the actor who played Red Skull in Avengers: Endgame, talks about his future at MCU. Nor the way his character might return. However, what in the past seemed to be a simple assumption, in his opinion, could now become something more real.

And it is that in his latest statements in this regard, the actor plays with the possibility that his character ends up returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Doctor Strange 2. And also, he explains another way in which that expected return could occur.

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If you recall, in Infinity War and Endgame, Red Skull had become the Guardian of the Soul Stone. And although a few days ago we reviewed the reasons why he could never have obtained that power, just as Thanos did when he sacrificed his own daughter, all those events in Endgame could make a lot of sense about the return of the character.

In any case, as they comment on Comicbook, the actor has taken advantage of his time in Awesome-Con Online 2020 to talk about the possibility of returning soon with the sequel to Doctor Strange. Here is what he has said about it: "Oh, I have no idea. I really can't talk about it, because I don't know. I hope he will come back."

Indeed, he has been very talkative in that regard. But it did not end there, since just later he spoke about what that return could be like, which is somewhat curious. And according to him, he could now travel through the multiverses freely. We leave you with the statements he has made, in full, in this regard.

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"He could probably go back to Earth if he still had revenge, something pending with Captain America. Or he could want to do something completely different. He may just want to venture into the cosmos. But there is a version of him that is flying, he's totally free from the Soul Stone. So, I mean, all these different multiverses exist now, right? I think it would be really fascinating to explore what is happening with all these different characters now that the stones have been returned. "

As if that were not enough, he has also commented on the possibility of ending up making a solo Captain America film that deals with the time travel that Steve Rogers made and in which both characters could meet. Still, Marquand is clear that Red Skull is likely to have other ambitions after the events of the latest movies. What do you think?

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