Matrix Resurrections: Keanu Reeves in the new international spot full of unreleased scenes - Hollywood News

Warner Bros. Pictures has streamed a brand new international spot for Matrix Resurrections, the new film in the franchise that will see the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss again as Neo and Trinity for what presents itself as the most mysterious film of the saga conceived in 1999 by the Wachowski sisters.

In addition to the scenes already seen in the Matrix Resurrections trailer, this new spot shows us other unpublished ones in which we even see Neo in his "awakened" look or without his iconic long hair that characterized the very first promotion of this fourth chapter, a sign that her look - which reminded many of Keanu Reeves' other famous character, John Wick - is a precise visual choice by Lana Wachowski and that nothing seems to be left to chance. In addition, there are new action and combat scenes that always see Reeves as the protagonist. You can always view it at the top of this page.

Meanwhile, Luca Ward has finished the dubbing of Neo as per tradition but Maurizio Merluzzo has also appeared in the list of voice actors, who, however, cannot reveal the character to whom he lends his voice. The beloved YouTuber and voice actor has in fact announced that he has taken part in the dubbing of the fourth chapter of the saga created by the Wachowski sisters, without however specifying the character to whom he has lent the voice. "First film in which we are together and we exchange more than one joke! But I can not say who I am" are the words with which Cod commented on the post of his colleague: who will this mysterious character ever be? We leave it to you to guess.

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