Ghostbusters: Legacy, Jason Reitman reveals the secret cameo of his father Ivan Reitman - Hollywood News

Ghostbusters: Legacy contains numerous easter eggs and cameos that fans of the franchise have enjoyed looking for in the film, however, a particular cameo was really difficult to identify and it was director Jason Reitman who unveiled it on social media.

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Reitman posted on Instagram a behind-the-scenes photo from the film's production showing him and his father Ivan Reitman on set. The picture shows Ivan Reitman, who directed both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, dressed in a Ghostbusters uniform and proton backpack, as he's actually replacing Peter Venkman (Bill Murray). Interestingly, the photo shows him sporting a suit with a 'Spengler' nameplate, which was previously played by the late Harold Ramis.

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"My favorite easter egg", wrote Reitman in the caption of the photo that you can see at the bottom of the news. In a subsequent comment, Reitman went on to confirm that the original director only appeared in one shot, noting, "My dad only fit in for this shot. The brilliant Bob Gunton did an amazing job with the suit too, however. ".

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Despite Harold Ramis passing away in 2014, his Spengler still plays a very important role in the franchise's overall narrative. Reitman previously explained how, by focusing the film on Egon's daughter and grandchildren, the script could pay homage to the old characters and present entirely new heroes to audiences.

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"When I came up with these guys, Phoebe and Trevor, I realized they were Egon's grandchildren. And that was the reason for making the film," Reitman told The Hollywood Reporter. "There was something really adorable about Egon's character, I think a lot of people can relate to it, and it's that Egon struggled to communicate with the world. And we wanted to create a character in Phoebe just the same: a girl who, like everyone else, the Ghostbusters, is a stranger who becomes heroin wearing the proton backpack. " Reitman has struck a deal with Sony and that could mean that a sequel to the film could be coming soon.


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