Ava DuVernay confirms the appearance of All-Widow in New Gods

The information related to The New Gods comes to us very little by little and when it arrives it is usually in solidarity with its director, Ava DuVernay, who usually shares some data than another with her followers on social networks.

"Since you ask so kindly ... this week working on the fourth draft of a scene in which All-Widow appears," DuVernay told a follower on Twitter.

All-Widow is a character that reigns over the Insect Empire that inhabits the surface of the planet New Genesis, the role that he will play in this ambitious adaptation is yet to be seen since we know practically nothing of the plot or how much will be transferred from the comic to the big screen.

The script is being written by DuVernay herself with Tom King and it seems that we are still a bit far from being able to start receiving official information. Since the story has not been finished writing, it is assumed that the start of production is still going to be long and therefore we are more than a year away from seeing the first trailer.

The New Gods promise to be a massive gathering of DC characters with a slew of new faces that have never been through the movies. If everything goes well it will be one of the great events of the coming years for superhero cinema.

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