The Ball and Chain comic adapted into a film with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

The superhero cinema has just joined a luxury couple with Ball and Chain, the adaptation of the 1999 comics that will have Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt as protagonists.

We are before a romantic comedy with superpowers. Edgar and Mallory Bulson have given up on their marriage and when they are both ready to remake their lives separately a meteorite bestows supernatural abilities on the couple. These powers are only useful when they can put aside their differences and collaborate.

The screenwriter for That's why they call it love, Emily V. Gordon, will be in charge of writing this story where The Rock and Blunt will re-team after having been the starring duo of Jungle Cruise for Disney.

At the moment all the information comes from sources from Deadline, who have not been able to obtain official confirmation about the existence of the project until now. They also point out that Netflix is ​​a potential destination for this premiere.

The Rock is also involved in Black Adam as the protagonist, so superhero movies are no stranger to him at all. In the case of Emily Blunt, we are looking forward to seeing her again as the protagonist in the sequel to A Quiet Place, where she must now continue surviving to take care of her children while trying to find and help other survivors in this devastated world inhabited by lethal sensitive creatures to any minimum sound.

Ball and Chain will belong as much to the superhero cinema as other tapes such as Hancock or Shyamalan's trilogy with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and company considered, because it does not seem that the legacy of the comic is really important here, simply The idea of ​​a finished marriage that is found again when receiving powers seems very attractive.

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