Wonder Woman 1984 will be delayed if Tenet does not premiere in July

If everything goes according to plan on July 17, we will have Christopher Nolan's latest work in the Tenet cinemas, something that seems unlikely right now given the uncertain situation in theaters, caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Warner Bros. would need 80% of the cinemas in the United States to be able to give the green light to the premiere of Tenet and that is something that cannot be guaranteed in any way today. Without the opening of theaters in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles there will be no premiere that is worth it. Also, you want to have access to some 3,500 American cinemas and at least 30,000 theaters.

If all of the above is not met by July 17, then the distributor will take the film to August 14, a date reserved right now for the previously delayed Wonder Woman 1984, which would move to a date yet to be determined in December according to we could know thanks to Deadline.

One of the dates that Warner Bros. has reserved in December is that of Dune, whose arrival in theaters is located on a December 18 that we suppose would become Wonder Woman 1984 taking the Denis Villeneuve tape to some time of the year 2021.

We have seen this dance of dates before in studios such as Marvel Studios, where the delay of Black Widow ended up taking away all the phase 4 of the UCM causing all the films with a fixed release date to be postponed until the dates of the premieres that they came right after.

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