Spider-Man: Homecoming pays tribute to the iconic comic book cover in unpublished art

Unprecedented concept art for Spider-Man: Homecoming has come to light and pays homage to one of the covers that the late Steve Ditko drew for Spider-Man in the comics.

The author of the art in question is Ryan Meinerding, who has shared the detailed image on his Instagram profile for the enjoyment of fans of the character who remember or know the cover.

The aforementioned cover belongs to number 33 of Amazing Spider-Man, published in 1966 and with a drawing by Ditko, one of the creators of Spider-Man. You can see it below to understand the reference.

This scene appears in the film when Iron Man takes Peter Parker's suit from him and the hero has to go back to the streets with his own suit. This causes that in his confrontation with Vulture he is overcome and ends up buried under rubble, as happened in a similar story in the aforementioned comic, where Octopus leaves Parker buried with a serum necessary to save the life of his aunt May (a situation that we could also see honored in the video game Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4).

Occasionally the artists from Marvel Studios share the work they have been doing for years for the UCM films and thanks to this we can see these pieces of art with so much history behind.

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