Mahershala Ali Shares Blade Art as Possible Clue to What Her Look Will Look Like on Reboot

The information we have on the new adaptation of Blade is so scarce that it is not even official if it is a movie for theaters or a series intended to fatten the catalog of original Marvel series on Disney +.

This lack of information is what makes us even interested in the latest publication that the protagonist of the project has put on Instagram because we do know that Mahershala Ali will be the new face of the vampire who has seen the sun.

We are not necessarily faced with the aspect that the actor will have when it comes to embodying the character since it is an art created by the user Maxbeechcreative, but Ali may have shared it because it is how he would like to see himself when representing to the hybrid of vampire and human on film or television.

The style doesn't stray too far from the only Blade we've had in the cinema to date, Wesley Snipes, who already bestowed his blessing on his successor when it was announced that he wouldn't be the one to re-embody the comic book character.

Another thing we do know about Blade is that it will not be part of the stories that will shape phase 4, which is why we still have many years of its release. It is one of the projects designed for a future phase 5 of which we still know very little because the current one has not even started, which will debut with Black Widow in a few months.

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