Actor and comedian Fred Willard dies at 86 - Hollywood News

These days Hollywood will mourn the passing of Fred Willard, the actor, and comedian who has worked in dozens of film and television play since his acting career began in the 1950s, shortly after serving in the Army of United States.

Willard began making a name for himself on television after forming the comedy duo Willard & Greco with Vic Grecco and eventually appearing on major shows such as The Tonight Show and The Dean Martin Show in what would be just the beginning of his meteoric rise.

His film premiere took place in the mid-60s in the movie Teenage Mother and among his latest works is the Modern Family series, a series where Willard played the always kind and funny Frank, father of Phil Dunphy, father of the leading family and played by Ty Burrell.

Big celebrities have wanted to share their condolences with the family and those closest to Willard, of course, some of the Modern Family members are on the mourning list.

The actor has elaborated for decades a legacy that those who laughed with him on the big and small screen, those who worked with him or those who witnessed his goodness and know-how will not forget.

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