The Lord of the Rings and the sequels of Avatar can continue with the filming

Both productions had to be paralyzed by the coronavirus. But, for geographical reasons, they will also become the first to be able to return to normal. The case is that the series of The Lord of the Rings (Amazon) and the sequel films of Avatar, may soon resume their filming, in New Zealand.

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Something quite logical, considering that the country only registers a total of 1,139 positive cases and a total of 21 deaths. That yes, a series of norms and recommendations has been dictated that will have to be strictly observed to be able to record in the country. Here we tell you all the details.

So, as reported in Deadline, it has been the New Zealand Film Commission that has approved (in conjunction with the country's government) a series of regulations so that productions can continue. And in that sense, it has been established that each shoot will have to be registered in a web portal so that they can be tracked.

A portal in which, on the other hand, all those protocol rules have been published. The vast majority are designed by the state agency ScreenSafe, which has industry experts and union members.

Although no official data has been given regarding which productions have already resumed their routines, the New Zealand Film Commission assures that, at the moment, a few have already started with the reopening procedures. Among them, most likely, these two important productions.

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On the other hand, the measures come at a time when the country will begin to take bigger steps that will also influence these shootings and the return to normality. For example, when allowing meetings of up to 100 people or authorizing travel within the same country.

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