The cast of Back to the Future will meet to mark the quarantine

The bar is so high that we can ask a little more of Josh Gad. The actor who voices Olaf in Frozen is growing fond of this by putting together the iconic casts of some of the most memorable movies of the 80s.

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And after having delighted us with a virtual meeting with The Goonies during this quarantine, now he promises to do the same with the actors of Back to the Future. Indeed, the intention is to bring them all together through a video call that we can see all those users who want to remember old times.

When will the meeting take place? As pointed out by ScreenRant, the actor has posted on Twitter that the meeting will take place next Monday, May 11, 2020. In any case, the reality is different since Gad has published an image on his Instagram account that hints that the conversation has already been recorded.

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And in the image, you can see that a total of 11 people participated. However, it has covered all those people except the two protagonists of the saga: Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. Or Doc and Marty if you prefer. Thompson is confirmed, but the rest is unclear. Obviously, producers could also come into play.

As you can see, the message also reveals that the publication of this reunion will take place at 18:00 (Spanish peninsular time). This is what the message says: "Oops I have accidentally scribbled this image with all the surprise guests of #ReunitedApart's 'Back to the Future' meeting next Monday in support of @projecthopeorg. I guess they will have to tune in on Monday 11th. May at 6pm to see it for yourselves. "

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