Marvel had doubts about the success of The Avengers in 2012

Avengers: Endgame has been one of the most successful movies of all time on many levels. But especially at the box office level, where it has had no rival; not even the fearsome Avatar. But ... did anyone imagine it back in 2012? As we have learned now, Marvel in general and Kevin Feige, in particular, had serious doubts regarding the success of The Avengers (2012).

The reason? Mainly, they were not clear that a crossover of these characteristics could have a place in the film industry. And not only that, but they also considered it a litmus test to unite the paths of all those heroes who had already had a solo movie. A test for the MCU that, obviously, went more than well.

According to the Los Angeles Times, for Marvel, it was an important fear, since it was the first time that they would gather so many stars in the same movie. Something that, at the cast level, could also produce problems that later affected the final result of the film. In any case, they highlight the figure of director and screenwriter Joss Whedon, who would have helped shape the set of actors. Something that would show in the chemistry that they maintained for so many years.

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For this reason, what happened just before that premiere has now been recovered, to remember the nerves it produced over figures like Kevin Feige's. Here's what Feige said about it: "This is unprecedented, and some days make it exciting, and then there have been days down the road where it was stressful or a little scary."

Why had it not transcended until now? Basically, because some critics who spoke to Feige have put the film back on the limelight. All through the #UltimateSummerMovie Showdown initiative. According to this, several of the critics of the medium re-analyze the film as well as what it contributed to the MCU.

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Since we are talking about those Marvel turning points that changed (or could have changed) the situation of the company, we recommend you read this news. Did you know that Sony was close to buying the entire MCU?

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