The jackpot would be another spin-off of Spider-Man with a script by Marc Guggenheim

After Venom and Morbius it seems that Sony Pictures continues to take advantage of the only Marvel license that has a good grip and will continue to produce spinoffs from the Spider-Man universe as Jackpot.

Behind this new adaptation would be Marc Guggenheim, one of the minds behind the construction of the ambitious Arrowverse for The CW, commissioned on this occasion to write the script for Sony according to information from Deadline.

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The project would be developing under the seal of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, the name that the company gave to that entire collection of films that ranges from Spider-Man by Tobey Maguire to Morbius and Venom.

Before becoming one of the DC Comics capos on television, Guggenheim was a writer for Marvel Comics and worked on the "Brand New Day" story arc from which the Jackpot character emerged.

This scientist named Sara Ehret gains superpowers through a virus that alters her DNA. They give her super strength and thanks to this she becomes a mother who has to fight crime while continuing to attend to her family life.

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Ehret inherits the name of Jackpot before Alana Jobson recovers it again. Fans have long been speculating that Jackpot was Mary Jane Watson because she uses the expression "Tiger" a lot and is a redhead. In the end it turned out not to be the case.

Jackpot is not the only movie based on a comic that Marc Guggenheim works on. He is also writing Ron Liefeld's Prophet and adapting the Gantz graphic novel for Sony.

Other spinoffs that are rumored to be in development from Sony Pictures and based on Marvel characters are Kraven the Hunter and Madame web, but for now there is no official confirmation from the company before listing them on the list.

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