Zack Snyder reveals his plans to introduce Supergirl to the DCEU

After making a lot of noise for years, Zack Snyder has been returned to the extended universe of DC, even if it is to show the montage he devised in his day for Justice League.

Of course this will generate even more desire to have you in future projects of this cinematic universe and one of the best ways to return maybe with a story centered on Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl.

The director confirmed that he had plans for the female character as he chatted in a massive conversation after seeing The Man of Steel with his followers once again.

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"As we progressed it was always my intention to expand the universe and keep bringing more and more family members if that's what you wanted. It certainly falls into that category. It's also true that the idea for a solo Supergirl movie is pretty cool. I don't have a script or anything specific in mind, but it would be an amazing thing to watch. "

We don't know much about whether he will have this opportunity or not. The DC universe in theaters has been extremely chaotic when compared to others like the MCU, failing to smoothly tie the movies together and constantly introducing new heroes who have no connection whatsoever to the movies that came before. 

This is why we do not know exactly if at some point this entire universe will be restarted or if Warner Bros. prefers to continue to get performance out of the characters of Detective Comics independently dedicating them solo films without having to take into account a larger framework.

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At the moment we have films like Black Adam, The Suicide Squad, The Trench, The Flash, Wonder Woman 1984, and some others that will not be related to each other and that will focus on their own sagas if they have them.

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