Marvel artist shows off "Shotgun" armor we never saw in Iron Man 3

One more day, another Marvel artist who rummages through his archives to share one of his works for Marvel Studios, specifically for the movie Iron Man 3 that premiered in 2013 starring Robert Downey Jr.

The armor, which is named Shotgun, is designed to achieve devilish speed and was explained by the artist behind the design, Phil Saunders, on his personal Instagram profile.

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"By popular demand, the Iron Man Mk40 Shotgun. Compact, lightweight, and aerodynamic, this armor was designed for extreme speed. It worked by attaching arms and legs to the torso to form a rigid fuselage, but sadly, that functionality was never shown in the movie. It was thought for one of my favorite toys from Hot Toys. "

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Saunders refers to this figure from the manufacturer Hot Toys where you can see in great detail the design that inspired him to want to present this idea for the film. We've seen numerous Iron Man armor for the movies, but not this one.

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