Jeffrey Wright clarifies details about his character in the Batman

Actor Jeffrey Wright has been invited to SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show this week and in an interview has wanted to hint that his character in the movie The Batman may not be the police James Gordon we know.

When asked what exactly his version of Commissioner Gordon was like, the actor replied, "I play Gordon. I'll just say that. So yeah, I play Jim Gordon," he said, giving the situation some mystery.

If this Jim Gordon is not a Gotham Police Station, the character may appear in the early years of his career. For example, in Nolan's trilogy, Gary Oldman's Gordon does not become a curator until well into the second film.

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The veteran actor featured on Westworld and James Bond explained that Reeves and his castmates are working to "create something together that represents our vision, but it's also Batman. This is Gotham's next evolution."

Incidentally, the actor dedicated some good words to the new batmobile, which Matt Reeves himself presented on Twitter last month with several images that showed the vehicle in detail.

"He read the script for the batmobile and I was like, 'Yes, that's it.' They have created the most powerful muscle car you can imagine but influenced by Gotham. Influenced by Americana," said Wright.

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The filming of the film was canceled in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and there is still no word on when they will resume activity. This delay has served to delay the release of the film from June to October 2021.

Each new detail that the managers give us about The Batman makes us think that we are dealing with an adaptation of the character closer to the Joker by Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix than to Nolan's own Batman.

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