Outlander: The big challenge Jamie and Claire will have to overcome in Season 6 - Hollywood News

Filming for Season 6 of Outlander has not yet begun, but, little by little, new details of the plot and journey of its protagonists, Jamie and Claire, are gradually being unveiled in the upcoming episodes. The last one has been the big challenge that the main couple will have to face in this sixth installment.

During one of PaleyFest's virtual panels, Heughan talked about the trauma Claire had been through in the final episode of season five and how it will impact their relationship in the future. "You have to respond to what Claire needs. It's interesting that we've talked a lot about physical contact and when you really feel you can touch it. We focus on that in Jamie and Claire's last scene holding hands," the performer has revealed.

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It seems that the traumas of each of the characters will come out in this new season and it will be the engine that moves the story of each of them. This is what the title showrunner, Matthew B. Roberts, has addressed: "The reasons I feel they are so affected by the traumas and all the turmoil of the time, is because they try to help people put themselves at risk. Intrinsically, when you do that, you suffer."

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But don't panic. Even if Claire and Jamie are going to have to go through a good bump in their relationship, this will only strengthen their mythical love story, as Roberts has confirmed. The season 6 premiere has been delayed, as expected, as the start of production is still in 'standby'.

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