Lucifer: Season 5 finale has not yet been filmed - Hollywood News

It's only a few days before Lucifer's season 5 premieres on Netflix this Friday, August 21. But, if you expected to see the full delivery on the same day as your arrival on the streaming platform, you're going to have to wait a little longer for it. The end of the new installment has not yet been shot.

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As the show's protagonist, Tom Ellis, has revealed, they were about to finish filming the fifth season out of the way when all the television productions on the occasion of the coronavirus were paralyzed. "We still have 60 percent of the end of our fifth season to shoot," the actor said. 

It's going to be a challenge, to say the other way. Filming sets are often a hotbed of activity, with people constantly making last-minute adjustments and tweaks in small, small, small spaces. Now, with the restrictions, it's going to have a big effect on the amount of material we can physically roll in a day.

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In the absence of the filming of the outcome of the end of the next part, and in view of the unconfirmed when the team will return to filming, what the audience will be able to watch on Netflix will be the first part of season 5 until the rest of the episodes are complete. Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and D.B. Woodside complete the main cast of this installment as Chloe, Mazikeen, Amenadiel, respectively.

The Warner Bros. series. Television has been renewed before the premiere of its fifth installment for a sixth and final season. After several comings and goings, Ellis will once again mings into the role of the king of hell to put a brooch on fiction.

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