Val Kilmer talks about the incident that caused him to quit his role as Batman

Batman Forever star Val Kilmer was not very comfortable in his role as a Gotham hero. Also, the actor's working relationship with Joel Schumacher, director of the film, did not play much in his favor either. The filmmaker called him on several occasions as "the most psychologically troublesome human being I have ever worked with" while later praised him as "the best Batman".

Now, in a new interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Kilmer has offered new details about why he made the decision to leave his role. This is an incident on the Batman Forever set that would mark him forever.

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The actor admitted how much he hated wearing the uncomfortable Batman suit, and that he also had to leave it on after the shots ended because tycoon Warren Buffett and his grandchildren would visit the set that day. This family spent time playing with the Batmobile and trying on the mask, something that permeated Kilmer's memory. "Batman is not made to be a real man. Batman is meant to be so anonymous that the person looking at him can see himself in him," said the actor. "That's why it's so easy to have five or six Batmans. It's not about Batman. There is no Batman."

The DC Comics star will return to theaters with The Batman (working title), the new adaptation by Matt Reeves. The film has been delayed in its release due to the current health crisis, so it will not be until October 1, 2021, when we can see it projected in theaters.

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