Marvel Studios would be working on a new project based on Nova

Marvel Studios has big plans for its future. After reorganizing its release schedule due to the coronavirus health crisis (COVID-19), Phase 4 of Marvel is ready to start with Black Widow next November. However, what comes next continues to leave us with pleasant surprises.

The Illuminerdi portal has left us today with the exclusive of a new project based on Nova that would already be being developed by Marvel Studios. For now, only the name of the project is known, but it is not clear if it will be a movie or a series for Disney +.

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However, from the source, they bet that Nova will star in a solo movie for Phase 5 of Marvel or later. The company has not spoken about it, but it would be Kevin Feige himself, director of Marvel Studios, who would appear as a producer.

After Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in 2014, Nova fans have been wondering if they would see their hero in action. The Nova Corps already appeared in the film, but Richard Rider certainly deserves his own story. We may see some wink or introduction to this character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, for example, in his post-credits scene.

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Nova is nothing more than the name of a project today, according to the information provided by The Illuminerdi. Also, it is not the only project that we have known about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last hours since Red Skull (Ross Marquand) has a film project to meet with Captain America.

The multiverse of Marvel comics is a whole source of good stories and characters that the film industry will not overlook. Kevin Feige's company has a lot to explore yet for the premiere of its next phases.

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