Thor: Ragnarok arts show Sakaar arena fighters in detail

The fight between Hulk and Thor in the Thor: Ragnarok is already one of the most beloved and memorable moments of the MCU, but these two were not alone in the great tournament organized by the Grand Master, played by Jeff Goldblum in that Taika film Waititi.

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Many more aliens were fighting for their lives to entertain the dwellers on the dump planet, and all of them were created by the team at Andy Park, perhaps the best-known concept artist of those who have worked with Marvel Studios.

Park shared the designs of all the gladiators who received Waititi's approval and said on his Instagram profile that he had never had a better time working in the visual development department of the studio. "I had the most impressive team of artists and they made me very proud at every weekly meeting to present what they had been doing."

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The fantastic thing about this collection of designs is being able to see together and in detail all these characters who appeared very briefly in the film and who will not be the protagonists again because most of them were exterminated by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

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