Bane's mask in The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn is sold out worldwide by the pandemic

Bane's mask in The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn is sold out worldwide by the pandemic

Some people don't want to miss out on the opportunity to dress like a DC villain if they are forced to wear a face mask on the street. The proof is that all the versions of the mask that Bane is wearing in the movie The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn are running out.

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Information provided by The Hollywood Reporter ensures that all versions of this mask are running out, although none of them offers any protection against infection. Both plastic and fabric versions are flying out of stores.

Stores like Costume.com, BuyCostumes.com, and HalloweenCostumes.com have seen their units run out since governments began to force people to wear a mask in public. At least 150 varieties of the iconic fabric version are sold on sites like Etsy. "Looking at sales, the adult mask has seen a spike in April and early May, which is unusual," said one representative. from one of the stores.

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These days we have seen the sale of all kinds of masks decorated with icons of popular culture. Normally, none of them offers the protection that healthcare entities consider necessary to be able to safely go abroad and avoid getting or being infected.

As much as you like to wear a mask that lights up like those of La Purga or good LEDs like those of Watch Dogs 2, the ideal is that you get yourself with safe masks provided by places like pharmacies or points of sale consistent with what they are selling. We are not in a dystopian film, we are in the real world going through the worst global situation so far this century, it is convenient to act responsibly if we want to resume our lives as we knew them as soon as possible.

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