The 100: The new planets of season 7 will show time travel

In each new location you will develop the action in completely different stages.

Season 7 of The 100, the apocalyptic fiction of The CW, has been released in the United States and, although it will not be seen in Spain until June 15 by Syfy, its creator Jason Rothenberg has given new clues about the new planets that will appear in this latest installment of the series.

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If you have not yet started watching the seventh season of the 100 do not continue reading. The following lines contain 'spoilers'.

'From the Ashes' (7x01) showed a new secret of the Anomaly, it is a mysterious green haze that is found in Sanctum and that has been the culprit of great disappearances of the series: first Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and then Bellamy (Bob Morley ). But if there is something really surprising about this phenomenon, as Rothenberg has confirmed, it is that it is a portal between planets.

Some of these new locations will appear as the plot unfolds, and in Chapter 2 you can already glimpse what Bardo, the new planet, is like.
Years can be spent on one planet and only minutes or days pass on some of the other planets, and that allows us to tell the story in a way that we have not done before. Episode 2 spans a decade while nothing really changes in Sanctum. It is an unusual way of telling the story [Rothenberg]
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It seems that the lives of Gabriel (Chuku Modu), Echo (Tasya Teles) and Hope (Shelby Flannery) on this new planet are going to take place parallel and timeless concerning the plot that is going to unfold in Sanctum, where Clarke continues trying to maintain peace at all costs and oblivious to everything that happens beyond.

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