'Tenet': The protagonist had questions for Christopher Nolan every day

The new film from the director of 'The Dark Knight' and 'Origin' had actor John David Washington intrigued.

If you didn't understand anything after watching the latest Tenet trailer, the new film by British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, don't panic. Its protagonist, the interpreter John David Washington, was just like you during the filming and had questions for the director every day. You imagine? Speaking to Comic Book, Denzel Washington's son has joined the opinion of Michael Caine, who had already confessed not knowing what the film is about, which will hit theaters on July 17 of this year...

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Every day I had questions for Christopher Nolan. But he was very kind and answered them very calmly and calmly. It was important that the actors could understand the story properly so that it could be told in the best possible way, and he was very patient with us. I say it very politely (laughs)
The aforementioned Origin, Interstellar ... It is not the first time that Christopher Nolan confuses and challenges viewers. But Tenet, which also has Robert Pattinson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh and Clémence Poésy in its cast, maybe an even more special case.

Espionage, double agents, time travel ... Tenet touches on many subjects, although Washington was surprised that Nolan revealed so many things in less than three minutes that the last advance lasts.
It's interesting because [in the trailer] there are little nuggets of information and breadcrumbs about the movie that amazes me that [Nolan] was willing to reveal. And I love that he did
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But what is Tenet about? That's the million-dollar question. At the moment, we know that it is related to some kind of technology that raises a science fiction world. And then there is the detail of temporary investments or retrocausality, where the effects precede their causes (bullets, cars ...). Do you want to see the result? As of July approaches, you have your latest trailer upstairs.

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