'Mad Max': Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy confess why they fought on the set

Mad Max: Fury Road is remembered as one of the best action movies of the decade, but also as one of the most complicated and hard filmings in recent years. Spending months in the Namibian desert can take its toll on anyone and, coupled with the little direction that its director, George Miller, provided, it was what put the relationship between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron to the test and pushed them to the limit. 

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It is no secret that the protagonists did not get along well, and for this reason, none of the actors should keep a good memory of the recording. Now they have reviewed their mistakes in an interview with the NY Times.

Theron admits that she felt lost and did not understand Miller's vision of the project, something that made her interpretation of Furiosa difficult. On many occasions, especially in action movies, the actors work on very short shots that only make sense when editing and seeing them on the big screen. Without clear direction and filming small seconds-long scenes, none of the cast members had it easy.

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"What was felt most during the production was fear. I was incredibly scared because I had never done anything like this. I think the most difficult thing between George and me is that he had the film in his head and I was desperate to understand it," she confesses. the actress.

"If it was already difficult for Theron to understand the story and his character, imagine how it had to be for Tom Hardy, who had to fill the shoes of Mel Gibson, the previous protagonist of the saga. “In hindsight, I didn't have enough empathy to understand what Hardy must have felt like to put himself in Mel Gibson's place. It's frightening!".

I think because of my own fear, we were putting up walls to protect ourselves instead of saying to others, ‘This is scary for you and it's scary for me. We are going to get along. ’ Surprisingly, we functioned like our characters: the important thing was to survive
A thought Hardy agrees with. “I think it was in my head in many ways. The pressure on the two of them was overwhelming at times. What she needed was a better and more experienced partner. That is something that cannot be falsified. I would like to think that now that I am older and uglier I could live up to the occasion. ”

Despite the tensions raised on the recording, it's nice to see that they are both aware of their failings and that, if they now had to embark on a new shoot with George Miller, things would be different.

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