Call me Kat the new series by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik will premiere in 2021

Sheldon and Amy's team remains united, even if it is outside of The Big Bang Theory fiction. Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik have met once again to develop Call Me Kat, the American version of Britain's Miranda, and have just received good news as Fox has given the project the green light and is slated to premiere in 2021.

Bialik, in addition to executive producer, will get into the skin of Kat to star in the fiction. Her character is a 39-year-old woman who fights against society and her own mother by demonstrating that you cannot have everything you want and be happy. At a certain point, he takes a completely different direction in his life by using the money his parents send him for their wedding in a cat café.

It is not confirmed whether Parsons will also appear in many scenes, but he is fully involved as a producer alongside Todd Spiewak, his partner, and husband. After releasing Hollywood, the recent creation of Ryan Murphy for Netflix, and after finishing the filming of The Boys in the Band, Parsons seems to have a clear agenda as an actor, although his work as a producer is increasing. In addition to Call me Kat, she works on The Monarchy Is Going to Sh * T and So Much.

In any case, we are happy to see that the experience of both actors in The Big Bang Theory was so satisfactory that they dare to develop projects together. We will be attentive to news of the series.

Source: TVGuide

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