Fantastic Four reboot director admits he hated Marvel movies

The reboot of Fantastic Four is considered one of the greatest failures in the history of superhero cinema. Its director, Josh Trank, has said in the past that it was expected "worse than it was," but has now begun to admit that the approach he took was the worst of all.

Trank is promoting his new movie, Fonzo, with Tom Hardy as the protagonist. For this reason, these days he has spoken with The Hollywood Reporter admitting his resentment towards the films of superheroes and filmmakers like James Gunn and Zack Snyder, whom he now respects and values.

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When he was hired to direct The Fantastic Four, Trank hated The Avengers, Fantastic Four screenwriter Jeremy Slater said in an interview with Polygon. He also mentioned that he tried to make the director see the importance of the comics, but "Josh didn't give a shit."

However, something has changed in Trank's mindset, as he now admits that his own arrogance was the cause of the failure of Fantastic Four. "What I tried to do with Fantastic Four was very arrogant for someone who had never really had the ease to handle his own ability as a filmmaker and do that kind of work with it," Trank told THR.

"Now I can enjoy them [superhero movies]. I was pretty bitter when Fantastic Four premiered, and part of that pissed off was towards the genre. I felt bitter and resentful towards a group of cool movie directors who were making those movies successfully. Trank confessed.

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"Probably, I was embittered with people for whom I have enormous respect, like James Gunn, who was miraculously able to make Guardians of the Galaxy a four-installment hit, but at the same time, a very personal, author-driven film, idiosyncratic and crazy. " "He has embraced that genre and shown us that, under the right command, he is capable of becoming unpredictable, interesting, and cinematic at all levels," he added.

Now, the filmmaker sees his colleagues who are dedicated to superhero cinema as an inspiration, although the public will not easily forget the disaster caused by Fantastic Four. Now Trank prepares for the premiere of Fonzo, the Capone story played by Tom Hardy.

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