Star Wars model 'Buck Rogers' gets a reboot and George Clooney is supposed to play the leading role - Hollywood News

George Lucas was among other things. inspired by the adventures of the sci-fi hero Buck Rogers for "Star Wars". A new series is now being planned, in which superstar George Clooney may play the leading role.

Buck Rogers may be largely forgotten today, but his adventures inspired the better-known Flash Gordon and the much better-known Luke Skywalker. Rogers made his debut in the US magazine Amazing Stories in 1928. Comic strips, a radio play, cinema series and after the success of “Star Wars” from 1979 also a TV series. Now Buck Rogers is about to return to television.

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The pulpy stories about a man who has been put into a deep sleep for 500 years and wakes up in a significantly different world are now apparently intended to become a high-quality, prestigious TV series.

Comic book artist and “Lost” writer Brian K. Vaughan will write the scripts for the new “Buck Rogers” series, superstar George Clooney is on board as executive producer - and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, could take on the leading role, even if not yet the corresponding contract is signed.


"Buck Rogers" should be a limited series and would therefore be limited to one season. However, Studio Legendary is planning to add a Movie and/or an animated spin-off if it is successful, so, as always with current projects around big brands, a whole series is being considered.

It remains to be seen how the old Buck Rogers stories will be modernized anyway. Rogers himself appeared in different incarnations, he inspired contemporaries with futuristic technology and with battles against space pirates as well as tiger people from Mars, but such a thing alone is no longer enough in the 21st century to bind viewers.

Source: Star Wars | Buck Rogers

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