Killer vs. Killer: trailer for the action thriller Deliver Us From Evil - Hollywood News

In the South Korean thriller 'Deliver Us From Evil', two killers are involved in a duel in which half of Bangkok is apparently reduced to rubble.

In "Deliver Us From Evil," two men compete, one of whom is described in the trailer as a "cold-blooded killer" and the other as a "merciless hunter."

If you are looking forward to the duel between the two professional murderers, you won't have to wait long: "Deliver Us From Evil" will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 29, 2021. Here is the Deliver Us From Evil Movie Trailer:

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In-Nam (Jung-min Hwang) is a contract killer and one of the best in his field. After the murder of a Yakuza boss, however, he now wants to retire. Then a cry for help reaches him from Thailand, where the little daughter of a friend was kidnapped.

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He travels to Bangkok, but his sadistic colleague Ray (Jung-Jae Lee) is already waiting for him there, who believes that In-Nam is responsible for his brother's death.

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