The 100: Clarke suffers the wrath of the Disciples in the advance of the 7x12 - Hollywood News

There are only 5 episodes to go before the finale of the series.

If you don't catch up on the seventh season of The 100s, don't read anymore. The following lines contain spoilers!

The end of Season 7 is nearing and with it the definitive 100s, the quintessential apocalyptic series of The CW, created by Jason Rothenberg. Chapter 12 is titled The Stranger and there is no better title to describe the new Bellamy. On these lines don't miss the video feed!

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Octavia's brother's return in Etherea was what most fans of the series expected to see, but perhaps not in this current version of the character. The first betrayal of his own began with revealing to the leader of the Disciples the truth about the Flame in Clarke. This will be only the first of the deproplosses Bellamy is going to commit on behalf of her new family. 

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In the advance, Echo repeats that he is lost and that he is not himself. Octavia, after the Disciples take Clarke, criticizes her for her performance and says, "but what are you doing"; to which his brother replies: "what I have to do." The drama is assured in the next episode and it seems that is what's left of the season, as there are only 5 episodes to go until the finale. 

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