'The Rain': Season 3 trailer brings forward the series' spectacular finale

Next August get ready for the outcome of Danish apocalyptic fiction.

The Danish apocalyptic fiction from Netflix The Rain has released the first trailer for its last and third season, and the result couldn't be more hectic and chaotic. This last part will consist of six episodes in which they will have to put an end to the plot starring Alba August and Lucas Lynggaard T√łnnesen.

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The second installment definitely separated the brothers Simone and Rasmus. But, the next part will bring them back together, although it may not be in the way they would like. The protagonist's genetic properties are to be exploited by the scientific community, however, not for the purposes they should.

In the new chapters, Simone will have to face her brother very reluctantly and try to make him see reason. However, the inner demons that Rasmus hides will be stronger than brotherly ties. On August 6 the final outcome will be revealed with the premiere of season 3 in full on Netflix.

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