Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Concept Arts Show Dark Versions of Babu Frik

There's something a good many Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker viewers agree on despite the harsh criticism the film has received since its release. That something is how adorable the alien Babu Frik is.

This little creature is one of the Zorii Bliss gang members and one of the heroes' best allies during the tape. Although at the end of the film she proves not to be as adorable as she seemed, it could have been much worse.

Sculptor and designer Luke Fisher wanted to share on Instagram what one of the first versions they explored looked like when they were thinking about what this new character would look like.

It can be seen that the creature was going to be much more chilling in this design where it resembles something more similar to Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy with huge ears. There is also a second design in the gallery where the creature is even more chilling to be represented as a rather horrible insect.

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Babu Frik competes head-to-head with Baby Yoda for the franchise's most beloved little alien award. At the moment the Mandalorian's friend is winning and we will have him back in a few months when the Disney + series premieres its new season in October of this year.

It does not seem possible that we are going to return to Frik or any of the other characters in the Skywalker Saga now that rumors place the upcoming films of the franchise in places far away from the planets where these adventures have taken place and with heroes from other times.

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