Justice League: Zack Snyder would have already shown his montage to DC

The history of the Justice League (the 2017 movie) was very tragic. Not only for the film itself, which raised very little and did not get very good reviews either. Also for everything that happened to Zack Snyder and his family, which forced him to withdraw from the production. However, a year ago we discovered that the director had a complete montage done before leaving the film.

And about this, everything has been written. And a lot of information has also been leaked through various industry players or personalities who were involved in one way or another. But ... will it ever come to fruition? There's been a lot of talks lately about DC and Snyder getting that job back. And now, new reports ensure that the director has already met with company executives.

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The information comes from the hand of Heroic Hollywood exclusively. And the media claims that both parties are already talking about that montage. And according to its sources, its release in theaters would not be a viable option for DC. But the possibility that the film was released directly in domestic format or even through some streaming platform.

In that last case, it is evident that it would be for HBO Max. The platform will already have many incentives, but that could be further benefited by the arrival of this exclusive film. Although at no time is there talk of a movie, actually. Therefore, it is not ruled out that it could simply be that material that Snyder had but exposed to the public in some interesting way.

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It is still too early to know what will actually happen or in what way. But it is clear that the parties involved are seriously considering doing something with all that material. Who knows. Maybe we will know more tomorrow at 5 in the afternoon.

Why? Zack Snyder has announced that he will be on the Vero social network with a visualization of The Man of Steel. Under normal conditions, one should not be very vigilant in this regard. But it has been confirmed that there will be questions and answers. And having transcended the subject, it is very likely that fans will ask him about it.

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